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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a technique in which a plastic sheet is heated to a defined temperature and moulded into a three-dimensional shape using vacuum and air pressure. Vacuum forming offers significant benefits over other types of moulding:

  • Lower cost tooling in comparison to injection moulding.
  • A cost effective route to manufacture for low to medium volume projects.
  • Low cost prototyping with shorter product to market introduction.
  • Flexibility on trim changes and profile details.
  • A greater choice on colour, material selection & finish.

ESP has seven programmable vacuum forming machines with a range of machine sizes and draw depths. This allows the flexibility of bespoke material sizes to be used, so ensuring maximum sheet efficiency and guaranteeing the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

CNC Trimming

ESP has three fully compatible 5-axis CNC machining centres with trimming capabilities designed to provide highly accurate, high quality trimmed components, allowing us to handle even the most exacting trim requirements.

The introduction of Delcam "PowerMill" software to create trimming toolpaths has enabled the company to machine high quality, very complex parts, faster and more efficiently.


Our expertise in line bending and the 3-axis machining of profiles from flat plastic sheet is used to produce a range of bespoke fabricated components for a wide variety of applications, from shower cubicles to the interior cladding of police vehicles.


ESP uses a variety of techniques and processes such as ultrasonic and solvent welding, adhesive bonding and Polyurethane and GRP reinforcement.

Our services combined together with our other plastic manufacturing processes provide the complete production package to meet all our clients’ plastics requirements.